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Pay Back III JWP Vs Mike Zambidis

Get ready Australia for the biggest fight to hit Melbourne!! Powerplay Promotions Presents PAY BACK TIME “THE DECIDER” MAY 27th JOHN WAYNE PARR Vs MIKE ZAMBIDIS.This is JWP’s last fight in Melbourne before he retires. Will JWP go out on a high or will ZAMBIDIS seek REVENGE. Last time these 2 met it was in front of 4,000 spectators.

3 thoughts on “Pay Back III JWP Vs Mike Zambidis”

  1. i thought wayne said he had 6 more fights this year,it would be a big mistake i thinkl personally, by the way ,id just like to say that your the best jwp,i have so much respect for u, i wish u wud come to england,you have a massive fan base here,what a about a fight with jordan watson,hes just 23 years old .fought buakaw,and yodsenkline,hes gonna be big star ,you wud still win though,all the best

  2. Good luck JWP. I’ve been following your fights for a while and think you are one awesome dude! Can’t wait to move to the GC and come to your gym to train if that’s okay.

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