muay thai


Organise a seminar with one of Australia’s best Muay Thai fighters John Wayne Parr, learn how to get as much power out of every punch you throw, Muay Thai kicks, knees and elbows, partner drills, defence against punches and body shots, defense against elbows, against kicks, footwork, counters, setting up shots, long knees, and grappling.

JWP Seminar is a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from a world class Muay Thai fighter who is still currently fighting and in his prime. Not only a Muay Thai experience but a chance to meet a great champion in the ring, who is also a genuinely humble, down-to-earth, all-round nice guy and full of enthusiasm for the sport.

Seminars usually bring in crowds between 50 to 200 every seminar so the more people the more fun, JWP will pick ten of the best people at the end of the seminar and spar them one round each so they have something to tell their friends after the seminar.

JWP is open for seminars all around the world for further details please contact direct
Phone 07 55760 936