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Boonchu Muay Thai Gym

Located on the Gold Coast, Australia, the Boonchu Muay Thai Gym stands as a beacon for aspiring fighters and enthusiasts. Established in 1996 by the legendary fighter, John Wayne Parr, the gym pulsates with a legacy that spans decades of excellence in the realm of combat sports.

Boonchu isn’t merely a gym; it’s a family. Co-owned by Wayne’s wife, Angie Parr, herself a World Champion Muay Thai fighter, the spirit of dedication and passion resonates in every corner. Their partnership, both in life and in the sport, has turned this gym into a home for champions and novices alike.

Their daughter, Jasmine “Jazzy” Parr, embodies the fighting spirit of Boonchu. Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Jazzy was introduced to combat sports at an incredibly young age, famously stepping into the kickboxing ring at just eight. Today, Jazzy is not only a multi-time national junior Muay Thai champion but also holds the prestigious Women’s International Boxing Association world flyweight title.

Jesse James Parr, their son, adds another layer of skill to the family’s impressive roster with his prowess in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, already being recognized as a BJJ Champion.

The gym’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the Parr family. Through the years, Boonchu has cultivated multiple champions, a testament to the quality of training and mentorship available. Offering classes in Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and BJJ, the gym attracts a diverse range of students. From World Champions and Australian Champions to absolute beginners, the gym welcomes everyone with open arms, catering to all ages and skill levels.

The ethos at Boonchu is clear: to nurture and elevate. Whether it’s the professional looking to hone their skills, the amateur aiming to ascend the ranks, or the young enthusiast taking their first steps in the world of combat sports, Boonchu provides the ideal environment for growth, learning, and achievement.

As you walk through the doors of Boonchu Gym, you’re not just entering a training facility; you’re stepping into a legacy, a family, and a future of champions. Join the journey, embrace the passion, and become a part of the enduring legend that is Boonchu.