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Step into the world of Muay Thai excellence and transform your fighting skills with our ‘Muay Thai Fundamentals’ course, taught by the legendary John Wayne Parr.

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This meticulously crafted program is designed to forge beginners into adept fighters and take intermediate practitioners to the next level, covering all aspects of Muay Thai with a focus on boxing and kicking techniques.

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Muay Thai Fundamentals offers a unique blend of comprehensive training videos split into two main sections: Boxing Fundamentals and Kicking Fundamentals. Across 14 in-depth modules, John Wayne Parr shares the secrets of his success, techniques, and training methods that have made him a world-renowned fighter.

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Legendary Instruction
Train under the guidance of John Wayne Parr, gaining insights and techniques honed over decades of competition and training.

Comprehensive Curriculum
From the fundamentals of boxing to advanced kicking techniques, this course covers every aspect you need to become a well-rounded fighter.

Flexible Learning
Access the course anytime, anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

What’s Inside?

Course Breakdown

Welcome to JWP’s Muay Thai Fundamentals. In this exclusive course, John Wayne Parr unpacks the essentials of Muay Thai offering insights that come from years of professional fighting. You’ll get access to 14 instructional videos that go beyond basic techniques, focusing on delivering each strike with unmatched power.

The GunSlinger

About John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr, often recognised by his initials ‘JWP’, stands as an icon in the world of boxing and Muay Thai. Hailing from Australia, he’s not only been a 10-time World Champion but also a mentor and guide to many upcoming fighters. His unconventional style, a culmination of years of rigorous training and real-ring experience, sets him apart. This course offers a rare opportunity to delve into the mind and methods of such a seasoned practitioner.

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