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Every martial arts enthusiast understands that mastery lies in the details, in understanding the nuances, and in learning from the best. The Boonchu Masterclass Series brings together a powerhouse of coaching talent from the renowned Boonchu gym, offering you unparalleled insights and training across varied disciplines.


Why Dive into the Boonchu Masterclass Series?

The Boonchu Masterclass Series isn’t just about techniques; it’s a deep dive into the ethos, strategies, and philosophies that make each martial art unique. Equip yourself with knowledge that empowers, inspires, and transforms.

Diverse Disciplines, One Platform: Whether you’re passionate about Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, or BJJ, our masterclasses encompass them all, ensuring a holistic training experience.

Learn from Boonchu’s Best: Each masterclass is helmed by experienced Boonchu coaches who’ve dedicated their lives to the art. Benefit from their years of experience, expertise, and exceptional coaching styles.

Bespoke Lessons for All Levels: From beginners looking to set a strong foundation to seasoned practitioners aiming to refine their skills, our masterclasses cater to every level of enthusiast.


Learn from Legends, Train like a Pro

John Wayne Parr

Boxing Fundamentals Masterclass

Learn from the 10x world champion John Wayne Parr, and master his unconventional & powerful style of boxing. With over 35 years in the ring, JWP brings to you his signature strategies and techniques. Master the Jab, Cross, Uppercut, and their lethal combinations, the same way JWP did.

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John Wayne Parr

Kicking Fundamentals Masterclass

Master the art of Muay Thai kicking with JWP’s Kicking Fundamentals! This concise course brings you 5 in-depth videos to sharpen your round kicks, switch kicks, knees, and more. Don’t just kick — strike with precision and power, the JWP way.

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