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From the signature round kick to defensive checks, learn the essentials directly from John Wayne Parr.

Muay Thai with Jazzy ‘Princess’ Parr $89

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An Exclusive Training Course by Jasmine ‘Princess’ Parr

Embark on a transformative journey with Jasmine ‘Princess’ Parr’s exclusive Muay Thai training course. This meticulously designed program aims not only to enhance your fighting skills but also to instill a spirit of self-betterment. With a curriculum solely focused on Muay Thai, this course is your gateway to mastering this traditional martial art while evolving into a better version of yourself.

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Step into the revered world of Muay Thai, with a treasure trove of elite techniques awaiting you.

Fortify your training regime under Jazzy’s tutelage, absorbing the essence of a proven champion’s expertise and style.

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This course begins with the fundamentals, ensuring a solid foundation upon which advanced techniques are built. A


About Jasmine Parr

Jazzy Parr, the prodigy from the land Down Under, invites you on an exhilarating journey to master the robust and revered art of Muay Thai. Born into a family of world champions, Jazzy embarked on her fighting career at the tender age of 8. Inspired by legendary fighters, she transitioned back into combat sports at 11, making her mark rapidly in the Muay Thai and boxing realms. With a boxing record boasting 4 wins and no losses, and a multi-time national junior Muay Thai champion title to her name, Jazzy’s ring prowess is indisputable.

Now, with the Women’s International Boxing Association world flyweight title under her belt, she’s here to guide aspiring fighters through a meticulously crafted Muay Thai training course. Learn from a living legacy as Jazzy divulges the secrets, techniques, and indomitable spirit that propels a champion forward.

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