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Ford drivers become men of steel

A number of Ford V8 Supercar drivers will this week prove they are made of steel.
Mark Winterbottom, Steve Richards, Paul Dumbrell and James Moffat are all set for the inaugural FPR Men of Steel Fitness Challenge which takes place over two days this week on the Gold Coast.
Joining the drivers for the Orrcon Steel event is three-time Coolangatta Gold winner, Caine Eckstein, triathletes Brad Dalrymple and Tyron Easterbrook and journalist Damien Stannard, who has competed in the Hawaiian Ironman event.
The eight participants will pair up in teams of two to compete against each other as they battle for the honour of becoming the inaugural winners of the Men of Steel Fitness Challenge which features a rock climbing challenge, one-kilometre swim and an 11km kayak stage among other events.
The challenge marks the completion of the 2010 pre-season training camp which has seen them step into the ring with five-time world kickboxing champion John Wayne Parr and undertake a simulation with the Special Forces.
This year’s new livery for the Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon will be unveiled for the first time on the Orrcon Steel Racing website on Monday, February 8.