New! Boonchu Online Masterclass

JWP Vs Boom Boom

I did well the first 2 rounds, the 3rd was close as I was tagging Eugene on the way in as he was starting to get his grappling happen. 4th and 5th end up going very opposite of whatI was planning when Eugene came into the grapple, not sure if it was the extra weight or just Eugene’s grappling style but it really sucked the life out of me and I just couldn’t manage to keep him off.
End of the fight I didn’t do my usual carrying on cause I knew it was close and never sure what the judges are thinking, I had a gut feeling it was 2 rounds each with the middle round was the decider. When they called the draw you sort of get that “mmmm, I’m not quite happy but I’m not quite sad, I am just where I started before the fight”. Angie’s Dad told me that getting a draw is like kissing your sister, its winning and losing at the same time.