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JWP signature custom rings

After having so much trouble trying to find a ring for my gym I was lucky enough to meet Shane who said there shouldn’t be any problems making one up.
Shane made the ring in kit form making it easy to pull apart and put back up, after doing a few promotions we have worked it out it takes about 45 min down and one hour up.
Knowing how hard it is to get a good boxing ring we have decided to go into business making custom rings built to suit, height and ring size is up to you. Rings come with ropes, rope covers, corner pads, canvas, floor boards, stairs and everything else for the complete ring.

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  1. hi, im george from napranum pcyc(tip of queensland) and with just started boxing up here, but because we are so remote, we have no ring and we are looking to aquire one if you are still selling them ,if you could reply with a price to get our founding that would be great.Thanks….

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