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John Wayne Parr KO's Mike Zambidis

Thank you to everyone that supported me in the lead up up to Zambidis, and to the Zambidis supporters thank you for the motivation.
This fight was very important to me as it was going to prove who was the real champion between us, Zambidis was on a winning streak so I knew I was up against the odds, if I didn’t train 100% I would of been put to sleep so this help me wake up everyday and put the hard work in.
Winning is all I thought about since the fight got matched, not once did I ever imagine winning by knock out as I know how tough zambo is, I am extremely lucky that everything fell into place on the night and to stop such a credible opponent in the first round is something I will take to the grave as the highlight of my career.
I was very serious about hanging up the gloves end of the year but now I am starting to reassess my decision as the fire in the belly as been reignited and I am excited about the challenges in the future.
Thank you again to everyone to visits the page and hope to have footage and exciting news about more fights soon.