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Muay Thai Fundamentals

Discover the discipline and power of Muay Thai with the guidance of John Wayne Parr. This Muay Thai Fundamentals course, curated by the 10x World Champion, offers a straightforward, technique-driven path to mastering the sport’s core strikes and defences. From perfecting the jab to executing powerful kicks, and bolstering your defensive skills, each lesson is …


John Wayne Parr Kicking Fundamentals

John Wayne Parr Kicking Fundamentals Masterclass Welcome to JWP’s Kicking Fundamentals. In this exclusive course, John Wayne Parr unpacks the essentials of Muay Thai kicking, offering insights that come from years of professional fighting. You’ll get access to 5 meticulously crafted videos that go beyond basic techniques, focusing on delivering each strike with unmatched power. …


John Wayne Parr Boxing Fundamentals Course

John Wayne Parr Boxing Fundamentals Masterclass Unlock your boxing potential with the John Wayne Parr Boxing Fundamentals Master Class. Learn from the 10x world champion John Wayne Parr, and master his unconventional & powerful style of boxing. With over 35 years in the ring, JWP brings to you his signature strategies and techniques. Master the …