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JWP Vs Boom Boom

I did well the first 2 rounds, the 3rd was close as I was tagging Eugene on the way in as he was starting to get his grappling happen.

JWP vs Duam Esarn

This was a super 8 on the Kings Birthday, the two finalist quilifed to fight in a super 8 in France. Before my fight I was presented with a Suer Samart (jacket of honor) from Songchai

JWP Highlight by Eric

Awesome highlight about what I do for a living. Thank you Eric for making it for us. httpv://

JWP Highlight by Ronk

Dedicated to JWP one of the greatest fighters. Big thanks to special thanks to hellfighter and everyone that has contributed for the footage 🙂 httpv://

Young JWP

Young JWP when he was known as the Wonder kick httpv://

JWP Vs Kohi

1997, my first fight in Japan full Thai rules against Kohi. Kohi went on to be a Japanese super star not long after this fight. [youtube_playlist]4881004B7B777E7D[/youtube_playlist]