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JWP Vs Merza


JWP Vs Greg Foley

When the bell started for the first Greg come out throwing hard leg kicks and using the ring well. I was just feeling him out to see what he had then half way through the round started to let go with my own technique’s to let him feel my power to show him it was …


JWP vs Jason Scerri

8 Man Tourney Quarterfinal at Evolution 17 [youtube_playlist]03DBFBD5979A05CB[/youtube_playlist]

JWP Vs Sean Wright

Contender Asia Season one partipants fight at Evolution 15 [youtube_playlist]7fW8ePIJobA[/youtube_playlist]

JWP vs Panglit

This was on the Kings Birthday 1999 and one of my best fights ever. I Thai I fought was tough as nails though and kept walking forward the whole fight. I ended up breaking his arm and nose but he still kept coming, amazing.

JWP vs Gregory Swerts

This was one of my better fights in a long time, my best mate from Thailand has come over to help me prepare for the K-1 and helped me get some of my old tricks back.