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Angie Close Decision Loss

Angie’s fight was crazy we won the 1st, lost the 2nd, won the 3rd, lost the 4th, its now or never Angie, need this last round to win, 3 minutes.

Jwp Defeats Dimity For WKN Title

What a fight, that was one of the hardest fights I have had in years. Dimitr bought the craziest style with spinning kicks and elbows and they would come out of no where.

Thor Defeats Slowinski

Bloody amazing effort. Thor stuck and moved and didn’t let Paul tee off on him. Thor cut Paul in the 3rd but kept calm not doing anything to get him in any danger.

Angela Parr Defeats Nicole Brolan

What a great fight by both girls. Was so worthy at a world title and just a shame it wasn’t on one of the bigger shows so it could have got the foxsport exposer, had more action then most of my fights.

Thor Hoopman Vs Steve McKinnon

14th of May 2009 Thor Hoopman wheels his Hammer with precision defeating all opponents with ease, rising quickly unrestricted up the heavyweight ranks, Thor will bring Thunder to destroy whoever or whatever is placed before him. httpv://

JWP Defeats Eli Mad dog Madigan

What a night, so happy. Spewing for Flip, Mark and Bomber but happy to walk away with the chocolates. I love the Evo crowd, what a rush! httpvp://