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John Wayne Parr New WKA Champion

G’day Everyone, Last Sunday I defeated one of my demons Yodsanklai for the vacant WKA world title. Yod had beaten me twice before, once in 2005 for WBC world title and once in the final of Contender Asia final, and was going for the hat trick, I went to Thailand for a month to prepare …


Evolution 20

This was the first fight I have had at super middle, everyone keep coming up saying “you must be so happy you have to put weight on for this one”, if only they knew I only had to lose 10kg instead of 14kg. Making weight still hurt and still hated it but least I didn’t …


Visiting the kids hospital in Perth

Just got back from Perth where I spent yesterday promoting my fight over there on the 13th, I was lucky enough to be hanging out with not only the promoters but Tino Ceberano who is also promoting the show and promoting awareness of street violence. We got to do a radio interview for Nova with …


Thailand Story Part 3 JWP

Its so funny looking back now, today we have mobile phones and the internet, when I was away it was very expensive to ring home. To keep in touch I would have to write a letter to my parents, I would wait two weeks and a letter would come back. I used to get so …


Thailand Story Part 2 JWP

When I was younger I fell in love with a man, not in a gay way but as a hero. His name was Van Damme and the movie Kickboxer just came out, this was one of the greatest movies ever produced in the eyes of a 13yo. I was already into martial arts training taekwondo …


Thailand Story Part 1 JWP

After being lucky enough to gt sponsored when I was 19 to train in Thailand, I was sent to Sidyodtong for 3 months, was suppose to be there 6 months but there was no love for Farlung there and was lucky to be picked up by Loomingkwan gym after 3 months, who were friends with …


JWP International Kickboxing Covers

As you can see i have been very fortune to make the cover of the IK Magzine on quite a few occassions and hopefully i will grace the cover again as i keep training hard. Below are a few covers i made in Australia’s best KB Publication the ” International Kickboxer ” Magazine.

JWP Inside Sport

Today’s boxing fan wants faster and more brutal bouts, and TV series like The Contender are delivering. Meet John Wayne Parr, the Aussie in the middle of the successful concept’s Asian affair. John Wayne Parr – “The Gunslinger”, five-time Muay Thai world titlist, one of the finest stand-up fighters in the world – looks every …


Iron Life Magazine

I’ve been doing the fighter of the month feature for a few months now and I’ve featured Up and coming fighters and even featured trainers. Since we’re at the close of 2004, in review of what was in my opinion, a late starter in terms of great fighting, I would like to give this fighter …


Ralph Interview

John Wayne Parr has five world kickboxing titles, 225 stitches and one hot wife. WERE your oldies fans of western flicks? No, this name was given to me when I went to live and fight in Thailand. My real name, Wayne, means “bastard” to them so I had to come up with something new. “John …