Launch of new Boonchu website

Apr 08, 2010 3 Comments by

Hello and welcome to our new and improved Boonchu website. It has taken a few years to get my act together updating the site but am excited to get up and running again. Please drop in to keep up to date with up and coming fight shows and what the Boonchu fighters are up too. Thank you for our support and hope we can keep entertaining you with our violence.


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10 x Muay Thai World champion, CMT champion & former Australian Middle weight boxing champion.

3 Responses to “Launch of new Boonchu website”

  1. JWP says:

    This photo is a keeper, I reckon I am going to look pretty close to that weight in about 5 years after I retire, but I will still have the same size shirts as when I was fighting was going to be a tight fit.
    Way too funny.

  2. D says:

    LOL i didnt realise it was photoshopped till i clicked on it for a bigger version.

    Sorry Mr Parr, hope i didnt hurt your feelings with that comment.

  3. Megsie says:

    Just wondering if you have made the Boonchu shirts for sale yet?

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